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REGATRON DC & AC Power Sources: Modular - precisely engineered - technologically advanced.

REGATRON Battery Testers with Increased DC Current Accuracy

REGATRON's precisely engineered, technologically advanced and modular High Current Battery Testers provide now a remarkable increased DC current accuracy of 0.05% full scale.
REGATRON Battery Testers with Increased DC Current Accuracy

REGATRON AC and DC Sources for Hardware-in-the loop P-HIL Applications

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation HIL integrates physical hardware and software models seamlessly in a closed-loop simulation, offering versatile opportunities to investigate the behavior of complex systems at different parameter settings.
REGATRON AC and DC Sources in Hardware-in-the loop P-HIL Setups

The Different Power Grids of the World Made Available to the Test Engineer

Foreign power grids differ considerably in terms of voltage, frequency and type of sockets. The turn-key solution from REGATRON saves time and minimizes setup effort.
The Different Power Grids of the World Made Available to the Test Engineer

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