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UGMNA 2020
UGMNA 2020

Dear User, Our Program Is Ready! Are You?

We're excited to announce that the final* program for the Volume Graphics User Group Meeting North America (UGMNA) from April 1 to 2, 2020 in Charlotte, NC is now complete! If you haven’t done so already, then register now. Why? Just take a look!

These are the exciting presentations to look forward to at the UGMNA 2020:   

  1. "Mars Rocks! CT Visualization of Trial-Run Core Sample from the Mars 2020 Program," presented by John Bescup, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  2. "First in Flight: How μ-CT and Unique Quantitative Volumetric Analysis Enabled JHU/APL's First Additively Manufactured Component to be Qualified for Space Flight Aboard the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer," presented by Christopher Peitsch, Johns Hopkins University.
  3. "Evolution in a Vortex; Using CT to Explore Anatomical Adaptations in Fishes from the Planet’s Most Extreme Freshwater Habitats," presented by Melanie Stiassny, American Museum of Natural History.
  4. VG Breakout Sessions on metrology and material, presented by Volume Graphics experts.
  5. "How to Perform Challenging CT Scans and Reconstructions," presented by Sven Gondrom-Linke, Volume Graphics.
  6. And much more …

*Program subject to change. Be sure to check out the ways in which you can still actively contribute to the program here.

Now is your chance to meet, learn, and grow with us—come and “Be in the Know”

UGMNA 2020
April 1–2, 2020
Charlotte, NC, USA

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