Forming a limited company: The required documents

What documents do you need to submit to register your company?

Companies are most commonly registered online through the website of a formation agent. At present Companies House does not provide an online registration service, however companies can be incorporated directly with Companies House using a paper form instead.

When registering a limited company you need to send the following documents to Companies House:

Form IN01

This contains:

  • The company name
  • The location of the registered office address
  • The consenting company secretary (if applicable) and director(s)
  • The subscriber details
  • The share capital information and the prescribed peculiars relating to each class of shares (only for companies limited by shares)
Memorandum of association

Contains the names and signatures of the subscribers who are forming the company, and for companies limited by shares a commitment that each subscriber will take at least one share.

Articles of association

Here’s where you set out the rules for running your company, including details of running the company, internal management affairs and legal responsibility. If a company chooses to use the standard Model Articles they do not need to file them with Companies House.

Where can I get these documents?

Form IN01 can be downloaded from the Companies House website. The memorandum and articles of association can either be downloaded from Companies House or can be obtained from legal stationers, accountants, solicitors or company formation agents.

Cost of submitting the documents

The standard fee to register a limited company is £20, for documents to be processed in eight to 10 days, but for a same day service it costs £50.

If the registration documents are filed using the Companies House software filing service the fee is £15 for standard and £30 for same-day registration. However, to file electronically you must either purchase the suitable software, develop your own or go through an agent.

How to register your company

There are many company formation agents in the UK offering different packages and slightly different services. We’ve chosen to partner with Companies Made Simple, an approved e-filing partner of Companies House because they have successfully registered over 200,000 UK companies and we are impressed with their service, speed and value for money.


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