FCSA is an independent industry association which has been founded to set the standard for companies providing services to the professional freelance workforce and give this vital community a voice.


FCSA, the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association was formed in 2008 by the contracting industry’s leading companies and it has now grown to 10 members.

Each company provides employment, payroll, accountancy and administrative support and advice for the professional freelance workforce and we are united by our willingness to work to protect the interests of our clients and ensure a regulatory environment in which freelance workers can thrive.

We have realised the strength one collective voice could have…

Aims and objectives

FCSA was set up with four very clear aims:

  1. To drive best practice in the sector and set the standard for professional compliance.
  2. To reassure agencies and those engaging the services of freelancers that they are dealing with the most compliant service providers in the business, which means risk is minimised.
  3. To promote recognition of the value that the professional freelance workforce adds to the UK economy and ensure a fair business environment.
  4. To become a recognised and trusted voice for the service providers sector and provide a platform for likeminded professionals to share ideas and discuss opportunities.

Success so far…

The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association has already shown itself as a proactive force to be reckoned with and we’ve established ourselves as the authority on the professional freelance workforce.

In 2008 we successfully lobbied Government when legislation was put forward to scrap subsistence and travel expenses tax relief for those employed by umbrella companies.


The founder members of FCSA have collaborated on initiating the first code of conduct for the service providers sector. This serves 3 purposes;