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P024 Lipid-lowering agents for dyslipidemia in patients who were infected with HIV in Taoyuan, Taiwan
Cheng, S*; Cheng, C; Sun, N (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
P025 Polymorphisms in LPL, CETP, and HL protect HIV-Infected patients from atherogenic dyslipidemia in an allele-dose-
dependent manner
Echeverría, P*; Guardiola, M; González, M; Vallvé, J; Puig, J; Bonjoch, A; Clotet, B; Ribalta, J; Negredo, E (Barcelona, Spain)
P026 Estimation of the true incidence of lactic acidosis within the Lighthouse Clinic cohort, and the likely magnitude of
missed diagnoses in the region
Speight, C; Gabriel, L; Phiri, S; Tweya, H; Sutherland, R* (Edinburgh, UK)
P027 Lipohypertrophy and metabolic disorders in HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy: a systematic multidisciplinary clinical
Sculier, D*; Toutous-Trellu, L; Verolet, C; Matthes, N; Lecompte, T; Calmy, A (Geneva, Switzerland)
P028 Nephrolithiasis and renal failure among patients exposed to atazanavir, other PIs and PI-free regimens
Nkhoma, E; Kumar, M; Hines, P; Moorthy, V; Klauck, I; Villasis Keever, A* (Plainsboro, USA)
P029 The prevalence and predictive value of dipstick urine protein (DUP) in HIV-positive persons in Europe
Mocroft, A*; Ryom, L; Lapadula, G; Reiss, P; Blaxhult, A; Furrer, H; Kutsyna, G; Gatell, J; Begovac, J; Kirk, O; Lundgren, J (London,
P030 Impact of NRTI backbone on renal, bone and cardiovascular markers in HIV infected individuals receiving a boosted
protease inhibitor
Barber, T; Hill, A; Jagjit Singh, G; Boffito, M*; Nelson, M; Moyle, G (London, UK)
P032 Prevalence and EACS criteria evaluation for proximal renal tubular dysfunction diagnosis in patients under antiretroviral
therapy in routine setting
Pitisci, L; Demeester, R*; Legrand, J (Charleroi, Belgium)
P033 The impact of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate on kidney function: 4-year data from the HIV-infected outpatient cohort
Monteiro, N; Branco, M; Peres, S; Borges, F; Mansinho, K* (Lisbon, Portugal)
P034 Investigating presentations and outcomes of a joint HIV-renal clinic
Scott, J; Williams, D* (Brighton, UK)
P035 Prevalence of low bone mineral density among HIV patients on long term suppressive antiretroviral therapy in resource
limited setting of Western India
Dravid, A*; Kulkarni, M; Borkar, A; Dhande, S (Pune, India)
P036 No association between vitamin D deficiency and parathyroid hormone, bone density and bone turnover in a large
cohort of HIV-infected men on tenofovir
Samarawickrama, A; Jose, S*; Sabin, C; Walker-Bone, K; Fisher, M; Gilleece, Y (London, UK)
*Indicates presenting author.
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