CONHIV14 - Evaluation of ARV Delivery and Coverage - page 1

P080 High rates of viral suppression in a cohort of HIV-positive adults receiving ART in Ethiopian health centers irrespective
of concomitant tuberculosis
Reepalu, A*; Tolera Balcha, T; Skogmar, S; Habtamu Jemal, Z; Sturegård, E; Medstrand, P;
Björkman, P (Malmo, Sweden)
P081 Outcomes related to 4864 pregnancies with exposure to lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r)
Tookey, P; Thorne, C; Martinez-Tristani, M; Norton, M; van Wyk, J* (North Chicago, USA)
P082 Results from a national treatment database - does it matter which ART combination is prescribed in the real world?
Scott, G*; Wallace, L (Edinburgh, UK)
P083 Determinants of HIV-1 drug resistance in treatment-naïve patients and its clinical implications in an ART program in
Zoufaly, A*; Jochum, J; Hammerl, R; Nassimi, N; Raymond, Y; Burchard, G; Schmiedel, S; Drexler, J; Campbell, N; Taka, N;
Awasom, C; Metzner, K; van Lunzen, J; Feldt, T (Vienna, Austria)
P084 Reduced HIV symptoms and improved health related quality of life (HRQoL) correlate with better access to care for
HIV-1 infected women: the ELLA study
Baran, R*; Mulcahy, F; Krznaric, I; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Samarina, A; Xi, H; Cassetti, I; Madruga, J; Zachry, W; van Wyk, J;
Martinez, M (North Chicago, USA)
P086 Stigma reduces and social support increases engagement in medical care among persons with HIV infection in St.
Petersburg, Russia
Kelly, J*; Amirkhanian, Y; Yakovlev, A; Musatov, V; Meylakhs, A; Kuznetsova, A; Chaika, N (Milwaukee, USA)
P087 Early HIV diagnosis through use of RDT in the community and direct link to HIV care: a pilot project for vulnerable
populations in Athens, Greece
Kakalou, E*; Papastamopoulos, V; Ioannidis, P; Papanikolaou, K; Georgiou, O; Skoutelis, A (Athens, Greece)
P088 HIV/AIDS mortality in a south east European country vs. a west European country
Dragovic, G*; Smith, C; Jevtovic, D; Kusic, J; Salemovic, D; Ranin, J (Belgrade, Serbia)
*Indicates presenting author.
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