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P104 Liver Fibrosis progression using Fibroscan in HIV/HCV coinfected patients with undetectable HIV viral load
Perez-Martinez, L*; Sanjoaquin, I; Rivero, M; Gil-Pérez, D; Letona, S; Irigoyen Olaiz, C; Arazo, P; Blanco, J (Logrono, Spain)
P105 Evaluation of the degree of liver fibrosis and genetical characteristics in HIV patients with spontaneous clearance of
HCV in Cartagena, Spain
Vera Méndez, F; Jimeno Almazán, A*; Smilg Nicolás, C; Alcaraz Vidal, B; Martínez Madrid, O; Alcalde Encinas, M; García García, J;
Martínez Fernández, L; Conesa Zamora, P; Ruiz Belmonte, E; Escribano Viñas, P; Trujillo Santos, J (Cartagena, Spain)
P106 Acute hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the setting of HIV coinfection: a single-center
10-year follow-up
Ingiliz, P*; Steininger, K; Schuetze, M; Dupke, S; Carganico, A; Krznaric, I; Wienbreyer, A; Baumgarten, A (Berlin, Germany)
P107 Experience of acute hepatitis C and HIV co-infection in an inner city clinic in the UK
Ward, C*; Lee, V (Manchester, UK)
P108 Incidence of recent HCV infection among persons seeking voluntary counselling and testing for HIV and sexually
transmitted infections in Taiwan
Su, Y; Liu, W; Chang, L; Wu, P; Luo, Y; Wu, C; Sun, H; Chang, S; Hung, C* (Taipei City, Taiwan)
P109 Risk of liver decompensation assessed in HIV/HCV co-infected individuals with advanced liver fibrosis: a faster
countdown experience
Alves, J; Peres, S; Borges, F; Miranda, A; Baptista, T; Ventura, F; Antunes, I; Nina, J; Campos, M; Aldir, I; Mansinho, K* (Lisbon,
P111 The effects of Maraviroc on liver fibrosis in HIV/HCV co-infected patients
Ortega Gonzalez, E*; Boix, V; Garcia Deltoro, M; Lopez Aldeguer, J; Portilla, J; Montero, M; Ballester Belda, E; Abril, V; Gutierrez, F;
Minguez, C; Galindo, J; Benirto, C; Garcia Rodriguez, M; Giner, L; Rubio, P; Uso, J; Llerena, G (Valencia, Spain)
P112 Safety analysis of raltegravir/truvada regimen in HIV/HCV co-infected patients without switchback after HCV treatment
Ehret, R; Walter, H; Ingiliz, P; Baumgarten, A; Obermeier, M*; Krznaric, I (Berlin, Germany)
P113 Analysis of hepatitis non-treatment causes in a cohort of HCV and HCV/HIV infected patients
Pereira, K; Miranda, A; Baptista, T; Peres, S; Antunes, I; Ventura, F; Borges, F; Mansinho, K* (Lisbon, Portugal)
P114 Incidence of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer in women Living with HIV in Denmark: comparison with the general
Thorsteinsson, K*; Ladelund, S; Jensen-Fangel, S; Katzenstein, T; Johansen, I; Pedersen, G; Junge, J; Helleberg, M; Storgaard, M;
Obel, N; Lebech, A (Hvidovre, Denmark)
P115 Bladder cancer in HIV-infected adults: an emerging concern?
Chawki, S; Ploussard, G; Montlahuc, C; Verine, J; Mongiat-Artus, P; Desgrandchamps, F; Molina, J* (Paris, France)
P116 Autologous stem cell transplantation in HIV-related lymphoma in the rituximab era - a feasibility study in a monocentric
Wieters, I*; Atta, J; Kann, G; Owasil, J; Goepel, S; Haberl, A; Stephan, C; Wolf, T (Frankfurt, Germany)
P117 Prevalence of monoclonal gammopathy in HIV patients in 2014
Genet, P*; Sutton, L; Chaoui, D; Al Jijakli, A; Gerbe, J; Masse, V; Wifaq, B (Argenteuil, France)
P118 Hemophagocytic syndrome and elevated EBV load as initial manifestation of Hodgkin lymphoma in a HIV patient: case
report and review of the literature
Sculier, D*; Doco-Lecompte, T; Rougemont, M; Calmy, A (Geneva, Switzerland)
*Indicates presenting author.
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