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P156 Evolution trends over three decades of HIV infection late diagnosis: the experience of a Portuguese cohort of 705 HIV-
infected patients
Miranda, A; Moneti, V; Brogueira, P; Peres, S; Baptista, T; Aldir, I; Ventura, F; Borges, F; Mansinho, K* (Lisbon, Portugal)
P157 Intermittent viremia and immune reconstitution in patients with more than 10-15 years of antiretroviral therapy -
baseline values still matter
Erdbeer, G; Sabranski, M*; Sonntag, I; Stoehr, A; Horst, H; Plettenberg, A; Schewe, K; Unger, S; Stellbrink, H; Fenske, S; Hoffmann,
C (Hamburg, Germany)
P158 Characteristics of late presentation of HIV infection in MSM and heterosexual adults in Portugal 2011-2013
Shivaji, T; Diniz, A*; Cortes-Martins, H (Lisbon, Portugal)
P159 Characteristics of late presenters in Bucharest
Jipa, R*; Manea, E; Benea, S; Niculescu, I; Benea, O; Mardarescu, M; Andrei, C; Moroti, R; Hristea, A (Bucharest, Romania)
P160 Late diagnosis among our ageing HIV population: a cohort study
Mensforth, S; Goodall, L*; Bodasing, N; Coultas, J (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)
*Indicates presenting author.
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