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Enhanced normalisation of CD4/CD8 ratio with early antiretroviral therapy in primary HIV infection
Thornhil, J*; Inshaw, J; Oomeer, S; Kaleebu, P; Cooper, D; Ramjee, G; Schechter, M; Tambussi, G; Fox, J; Miro, J; Weber, J; Babiker, A;
Porter, K; Fidler, S (London, UK)
CD4+ cell count recovery in naïve patients initiating cART, who achieved and maintained plasma HIV-RNA suppression
Costagliola, D*; Lacombe, J; Ghosn, J; Delaugerre, C; Pialoux, G; Cuzin, L; Launay, O; Ménard, A; Truchis, P; Mary-Krause, M; Weiss,
L; Delfraissy, J (Paris, France)
Determinants of IL-6 levels during HIV infection
Borges, A*; O’Connor, J; Phillips, A; Rönsholt, F; Pett, S; Vjecha, M; French, M; Lundgren, J (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Efavirenz- but not nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy decreases exposure to the levonorgestrel released from a
subdermal contraceptive implant
Scarsi, K*; Lamorde, M; Darin, K; Dilly Penchala, S; Else, L; Nakalema, S; Byakika-Kibwika, P; Khoo, S; Cohn, S; Merry, C; Back, D
(Omaha, USA)
Darunavir pharmacokinetics throughout pregnancy and postpartum
Lambert, J*; Jackson, V; Else, L; Lawless, M; McDonald, G; Blanc, D; Patel, A; Stephens, K; Khoo, K (Dublin, Ireland)
Does pregnancy increase the risk of ART-induced hepatotoxicity among HIV-positive women?
Huntington, S*; Thorne, C; Anderson, J; Newell, M; Taylor, G; Pillay, D; Hill, T; Tookey, P; Sabin, C (London, UK)
More virological failure with lamivudine than emtricitabine in efavirenz and nevirapine regimens in the Dutch
nationwide HIV cohort
Rokx, C*; Fibriani, A; van de Vijver, D; Verbon, A; Schutten, M; Gras, L; Rijnders, B (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Predicted savings to the UK National Health Service from switching to generic antiretrovirals, 2014–2018
Hill, A*; Hill, T; Jose, S; Pozniak, A (Liverpool, UK)
Regional differences in self-reported HIV care and management in the EuroSIDA study
Grønborg Laut, K*; Mocroft, A; Lazarus, J; Reiss, P; Rockstroh, J; Karpov, I; Rakhmanova, A; Knysz, B; Moreno, S; Gargalianos, P;
Lundgren, J; Kirk, O; on behalf of EuroSIDA in EuroCoord (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Major challenges in clinical management of TB/HIV co-infected patients in Eastern Europe compared with Western
Europe and Latin America
Marie Efsen, A*; Schultze, A; Post, F; Panteleev, A; Furrer, H; Miller, R; Skrahin, A; Losso, M; Toibaro, J; Girardi, E; Miro, J; Bruyand, M; Obel,
N; Caylá, J; Podlekareva, D; Lundgren, J; Mocroft, A; Kirk, O; in EuroCoord TB/HIV Study Group (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Large disparities in HIV treatment cascades between eight European and high-income countries – analysis of break
Raymond, A*; Hill. A; Pozniak, A (London, UK)
CD4 cell count and the risk of infective and non-infective serious non-AIDS events in HIV- infected persons seen for
care in Italy
Madeddu, G*; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Girardi, E; Di Biagio, A; Lo Caputo, S; Piolini, R; Marchetti, G; Pellizzer, G; Giacometti, A; Galli, L;
Antinori, A; Cozzi Lepri, A; on behalf of ICONA Foundation Study (Sassari, Italy)
Effects of age on symptom burden, mental health and quality of life amongst people with HIV in the UK
McGowan, J*; Sherr, L; Rodger, A; Fisher, M; Miners, A; Johnson, M; Elford, J; Collins, S; Hart, G; Phillips, A; Speakman, A; Lampe, F
(London, UK)
*Indicates presenting author.
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