CONHIV14 - Pre- and Post-exposure Prophylaxis and Treatment as Prevention - page 1

P198 Two years of Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis utilization in the US
Flash, C*; Landovitz, R; Mera Giler, L; Ng, L; Magnuson, D; Bush Wooley, S; Rawlings, K; (Houston, USA)
P200 Attitudes and beliefs towards early ART initiation in MSM with primary HIV infection
Parsons, V*; Porter, K; Gilson, R; Hart, G (London, UK)
P201 The suspected unexpected and serious adverse events of antiretroviral drugs used as HIV prophylaxis in HIV uninfected
Pietraszkiewicz, E; Firlag-Burkacka, E; Horban, A; Kowalska, J* (Warsaw, Poland)
P202 Acceptability of PrEP among HIV negative Portuguese men who have sex with men that attended 2014 Lisbon pride fair
Rocha, L*; Campos, M; Brito, J; Fuertes, R; Rojas, J; Pinto, N; Mendão, L; Esteves, J (Lisbon, Portugal)
P203 Attitudes of serodiscordant couples towards antiretroviral-based HIV prevention strategies in Kenya; a qualitative study
Fowler, N*; Arkell, P; Abouyannis, M; James, C; Roberts, L (Birmingham, UK)
P204 Safety, tolerability and effectiveness of HIV non-occupational prophylaxis in Taiwan
Li, H*; Cheng, Y; Yang, C (Taipei City, Taiwan)
*Indicates presenting author.
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