Terms of Use


ArabiaWeather App is considered an independent mobile application which provides access to weather, weather forecast, weather news, various scientific news and weather latest updates as well as the video related to weather. You are allowed to use the application under the following conditions:


1.     By using ArabiaWeather App you accept these conditions, if you do not fully accept them, your use of the mobile application will be considered unauthorized and you have to discontinue using it immediately.


2.     User is required to read and understand the terms in this agreement before proceeding with the registration process. This agreement is subject to the principles of good faith and the customary practice on the Internet.


3.     You agree that your usage to ArabiaWeather App will be restricted only to legitimate purposes and you will not send or broadcast any material through this mobile application that would prejudice or infringe on the rights of others or limit or prevent the use of this mobile application, or involve an illegal matter, or to threaten or abuse or a bowl or slander or libel or violate the privacy of others, or the copyright of others, or contains bad or words that are offensive to religions or for any other reason that is unacceptable, or that would encourage crime or would result to criminal or civil liability or where it violations any law.


4.     ArabiaWeather App does not allow saving any part of the mobile application’s content for commercial purposes at all. You are allowed to save some of the mobile application’s content for personal use only.


5.     You are Prohibited to copy or amend contents of the mobile application or reproduce, republish, broadcast or use same in any way whatsoever except for the purposes of personal use which is not commercial.


6.     ArabiaWeather App reserves the right to amend these terms at anytime without prior notice to the mobile application’s users, as a user of the mobile application you should always check these terms and comply with its content.


7.     You are Prohibited to reprint, publish, or distribution of part, or all of the contents of the ArabiaWeather App or try to reverse engineer any program or content on the ArabiaWeather App without written consent from the company "ArabiaWeather" (ArabiaWeather Inc.), owner of this mobile application. However and in some cases, you are allowed to re-print, or publish, or distribute part provided that you refer to ArabiaWeather App as the source. In case the amendment and addition and deletion you must refer to ArabiaWeather App as analytical reference.


8.     ArabiaWeather App and logos are registered trademarks. All the rights related thereto are reserved and owned by the company "ArabiaWeather" (ArabiaWeather Inc), owner of this mobile application. Third parties’ trademarks that are used on ArabiaWeather App are the property of its respective owners.


9.     You agree explicitly to use this mobile application at your own risk, and bear all risks associated to it, and agree that the company "ArabiaWeather" or any of its board members or employees, agents or persons who provides the material in the mobile application or who are authorized to use the mobile application or any of them do not offer any guarantees that the service in this mobile application will be uninterrupted or error free, or that any flaws would be corrected, or that the mobile application is free of viruses or program bugs.


10.  You Agree not to use the mobile application and the services provided by the mobile application in an­­­­­­y of the following forms:


-       Misusing the introduction tools for the purposes of concealing the source of the content placed on the mobile application or the source of any comment placed by your side on the mobile application.


-       Facilitating invading these terms for the use of the mobile application or the privacy policy.


-       The mobile application reserves its right to take any measures deemed to its sole absolute discretion appropriate if you perform any of the activities provided hereinabove or breach these terms of use. These measurements include terminating your license to access the mobile application or use its services or any other legal procedures.


11.  By using the mobile application, you agree to:


-       Use the mobile application and its services at your own responsibility. The mobile application and the services are provided on “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis.


-       The mobile application will not be in any case or its affiliates and subsidiaries or employees and directors or agents or any of its representatives responsible for any direct or indirect damages which you may incur including but not limited to damages for the loss of profit, loss of dare resulting from using the mobile application or not being able to use it or the content thereof including the services of the mobile application or resulting from any unauthorized access or any change of data or reliance on any content of the mobile application or placing any content on the mobile application or any other matters relating to the mobile application and the usage thereof.


12.  We reserve our right to amend the services of the mobile application, suspend or discontinue any service (whether in full or in part) and at any time. Any amendments addition or the services in the future will be subject to these terms and its amendments from time to time. You agree that we are not responsible against you or against any third party of any amendment to the service or suspension or discontinuance thereto or to any part.


13.  The mobile application or any individual participating in preparing and producing or publishing any content on the mobile application shall not be liable of any direct or indirect damages material or moral resulting from using the mobile application or inability to use same or resulting from any error or deletion or defect of the mobile application or the non-truthiness of the provided information or any consequences resulting from such damages.


14.  All intellectual property rights including copyrights and database rights, views and brands within the contents of the mobile application are owned by or licensed to ArabiaWeather App. User acknowledges that all content and materials available on this mobile application are protected by intellectual property rights in force around the world  and specifically and including but not limited any place in the world in which the rights referred to hereinabove are practiced by ArabiaWeather company (ArabiaWeather Inc.) and/or any of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries and/or any third party authorized to practice such right by ArabiaWeather company (ArabiaWeather Inc.) and/or by and of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries.


15.  It is prohibited to use intellectual property rights set forth in the mobile application for purposes other than those in the terms of use on the use of ArabiaWeather App. you are not allowed to use or display any of these intellectual property rights for any reason without a prior written approval from the company "ArabiaWeather". And as a user are legally responsible for any violation or infringement of any of the intellectual property of the company "ArabiaWeather". And as a user you agree to indemnify the company "ArabiaWeather" and all the company's directors, employees and agents for any loss incurred by any of them resulting from your usage of this mobile application.


16.  The mobile application may at its sole discretion and at any time terminate your access and usage of the mobile application for any reason including without limitation your usage of the ArabiaWeather App in a manner which violates these terms or your provision of content which is inappropriate and do not comply with the provisions provided herein or if your usage of the mobile application, its services and content do not comply with the policies of ArabiaWeather Company (Arabia Weather Inc.)


17.  You hereby confirm that all data that you provided the mobile application with are correct and include your address for the purposes of notices or warning exchanged related to your use of the ArabiaWeather App.


18.  The laws of England and Wales shall apply to these terms and conditions.