Jiří Procházka

As in many cases, my coming out at the age of 22 and general socialised feeling led me to activism and social involvement. I tended towards volunteer working and I am a counselor and a therapist. In particular the phenomena of suicides of young LGBT+ people motivates me to stay involved, at least locally.

Our organisation, PROUD, is volunteer based. We focus on several specific topics, particularly related to families, and support homoparentality, same-sex marriage, LGBT+ education, seniors and transgender people. We provide knowledge (for professionals or through public debates) and lobbying. We want to support regional cooperation, thought it is not easy. At present we are part of We Are Fair movement to support marriage equality. The movement includes Prague Pride, the Mezipatra Queer Movie Festival the Mezipatra Queer Movie Festival, Logos (a group for religious LGBT+ people) and Amnesty International. Then there’s Trans*parent, which supports transgender and gender nonconforming people and their parents. And there are local students’ organisations, too.

We meet people as part of our work, from abroad and among us, whose supportive enthusiasm is important. What we can do is achieve at least local goals, or influence the lives of individuals, which is satisfying. Through that we begin to see changes in society and media, how they start to take the topics we raise seriously.

“Winning” would simply mean making the development of our group sustainable; our aim is not some particular goal but to keep going, and there is the risk of burning out otherwise.