Overcoming Cannabis/Marijuana Dependence

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Hypnosis can help you break the habit

Cannabis can become such a major part of everyday life that it is hard to remove

Do you smoke Cannabis? Do you smoke it every day? Have you ever tried to stop? How much is it costing you? Have you ever actually had a look at the cost? How Many of your Friends that smoke Pot have ever stopped? Does it make you anxious? Self conscious? Do you ever think about stopping? So why don't you? Many people will tell you that it isn't really addictive but I know from personal experience and I know lots of people that smoke it for years (and years) and very few of them, If any, Stop! Did you know that some sources will cite a success rate of below 30% for cannabis cessation. They say it's because the withdrawal rates can last for 30 to 40 days!! Heroin withdrawal symptoms, for example, start within 6-12 hours of the last dose, peak in 2-3 days, and last 5-10 days in total.

My Job is to Get you in the Right frame of Mind to Approach this life changing step. At the same time we can minimise the Withdrawal effects. We can actually speed things up. (This relates to the Perception of time) and all the while working on changing your relationship or "Love-Affair" with it. And of course keeping you feeling Pretty good throughout the entire process. When you work with me, We can make it so much easier for you to Quit and finally put this episode of your Life behind you.

It used to be thought that using cannabis was relatively harmless, but we now know this is not the case. In addition to risk of cancer, there is mounting evidence of damage to the immune system caused by long-term cannabis or marijuana use. Not to mention the Great Motivation Killer. You've probably heard it said that "Pot-Heads never get any thing done" and in addition to the Psychological symptoms and side effects (Actually, they are effects) such as Anxiety, Irritability, Anger and Rage, Nervousness and self Consciousness. There is also the inability to Concentrate. Psychology will call this the "Monkey-Mind". Your thoughts likened to a Monkey jumping from branch to branch and this in turn, In my Opinion, can lead to Depression. But, just as with smoking or any addiction, knowledge of the dangers it seems is not enough motivation to quit. Most people need something more in order to overcome dependencies and addictions.

They need that strength of Mind that will get them through the withdrawal.
Hypnosis can help by building your unconscious motivation - the sort of motivation that cannabis often diminishes. It helps you step out of the love affair that people often develop with the drug and helps you be more objective about what you would like your relationship with it to be.
My Hypnotherapy sessions will help you clear your mind to focus on the reasons why you would like to stop using cannabis so much. You will find that you naturally feel less of an urge to smoke, and more like doing other activities that will help you feel good instead. We can then begin to look at why you began smoking it in the first place. If it serves a deeper purpose. And if so, we can work on this aspect too. For a lasting and even permanent release.
We can record the sessions and from that make a recording, tailored and constructed specifically for you that you can use at home. You can listen on your computer or device as often as you like to reinforce the Process.

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