1. Introduction

DBeaver is an SQL client and a database administration tool. For relational databases it uses the JDBC API to interact with databases via a JDBC driver. For other databases (NoSQL) it uses proprietary database drivers. It provides an editor that supports code completion and syntax highlighting. It provides a plugin architecture (based on the Eclipse plugins architecture) that allows users to modify much of the application’s behavior to provide database-specific functionality or features that are database-independent. This is a desktop application written in Java and based on Eclipse platform.

1.1. License

The community edition (CE) of DBeaver is a free and open source software that is distributed under the Apache License. A closed-source enterprise edition of DBeaver is distributed under a commercial license.

2. Download

Table 1. Download options


Download Link



3. Installation

Generally, installation is done by running the installer from the command line with a java -jar squirrel-sql-<version>-install.jar type command. For details, see below.

To install DBeaver:

  • Open a console/command line window

  • Decide which directory you want to install into

  • Make sure that you have write access to that directory

3.1. OS X

  • Run the installer .jar:

    java -jar squirrel-sql-3.9.1-MACOSX-install.jar
  • Follow the installation guide:









4. Run Client

To start the client, use the provided startup script in the installation directory.

4.1. OS X

In the console:


5. Connection drivers

In order to connect to LeanXcale, you need to install the LeanXCale JDBC driver.

6. Download JDBC driver

The JDBC driver can be downloaded from:

7. Install JDBC driver

The driver can be installed directly without extracting the zip file.

To install the JDBC driver:

  • Open the Driver Manager

  • Click Add File

  • Browse to the downloaded zip file


  • Select the file

  • Click OK


  • Add some required information:

    • Driver Name: LeanXcale

    • Driver Type: Generic

    • Class Name: com.leanxcale.jdbc.ElasticDriver

    • URL Template:


    • Category: LeanXcale

    • Default Port: 1529

The parameter create=true is required to create the database.

  • Click OK


  • Click Close

The driver is registered:


You can now set up the connection.

8. Connect to LeanXcale

After setting up the driver, you should be able to create a new connection to the datastore using the New Connecti:sourcedir:on Wizard. When the connection is established, the user should be able to see the data tables and the write her own queries to retrieve data, as shown in the following figure.


Note that by using the create=true property in the connection URL, the database will be automatically created in the first connection. You may notice that first connection takes longer because of this reason.

The general format for the connection string is:


9. Setting up a connection