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Newsletter 21. Dezember 2020

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Dear Colleagues, Customers, Business Partners and
Friends of our Company,

As we turn our backs on a year which can be best described as uniquely eventful and turbulent, I am pleased to compose this newsletter on behalf of Airnergy and summarise the activities of the last twelve months.

Naturally, the new normal imposed upon us by “Corona”, with its restrictions and other serious consequences, has also had its impact upon Airnergy. Nevertheless, we have never lost sight of the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and have used the mandatory break as an opportunity to prepare our company and media for this new age.

Yes, Corona has been the omnipresent topic this year. Not a day goes by without hearing or seeing a new shocking headline. The whole of mankind is preoccupied with developments concerning Corona – even if the public opinion is divided between desperation, on the one hand, and apprehension and narrow-mindedness on the other, as we await a vaccine promising us salvation without actually knowing if it will protect us in the short or long term against the current threat. Our hope is partially overshadowed by uncertainty: should we expect side-effects and, if yes, will they outweigh the problem itself? Sooner or later, the list of active ingredients should provide us with some transparency.

But life goes on; even if it sometimes leaves us holding our breath. On that note, we want to draw 2020 to a close reflecting upon an event dedicated to a medium that is indeed indispensable.

Today – on December 21st, the “Day of Air” – the “Art of Air Awards” (AoAA) will be presented for the third time in cooperation with Airnergy. With these awards the “Art of Air” initiative honours special achievements and merits surrounding the air, or atmosphere, that we breathe, in primarily seven categories. Our newsletter is dedicated to the “Day of Air” and the coverage of the awards ceremony on the Swiss, health-themed, television channel QS24.tv. Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to the speech given by last year's AoAA award winner Dr. Jibin Chi, which is now available free of charge as a special publication from Airnergy Media. In 2021, the AoAA will be awarded in up to 21 categories – hopefully no longer solely as an online event in response to pandemic requirements, but allowing for personal attendance of the deserving winners...

Airnergy is well prepared for the New Year 2021! However, our success is dependent upon the continued commitment, creativity, passion and loyalty of our staff toward our existing and potential customers as well as to our goals and visions. They have already demonstrated this brilliantly during this unexpectedly challenging year. For this and their achievements, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart – along with our staff, I thank our loyal customers, suppliers, partners and friends, some of whom have supported us with dedication and enthusiasm for 20 years!

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year: may it bring you happiness, a new sense of optimism, lots of success and – above all – very good health in and with the air that we breathe!

Sincerely Yours,
Airnergy International GmbH
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Guido Bierther


  1. Art of Air Award presented to seven laureates
  2. Airnergy “Day of Air“, always on December 21st
  3. Swiss health-themed television channel QS24.tv covering Airnergy and “Art of Air Award”
  4. Special publication on Dr. Jibin Chi's speech: The Art of Air 2019: A journey through the century
  5. New Airnergy entry-level model “Little Atmos” (“L.A”) available soon
  6. New addition to the Airnergy family: “L.A learning to walk and to talk
  7. Bülent Ceylan is keeping healthy and fit with Airnergy
  8. In brief:
    • Magdalena Neuner announces video message
    • Selbstheilung Online: newsletter refers to cooperation with Airnergy
    • ”Gesundheitsbote NRW” features Airnergy in cover story
    • Even alternative media show interest in Airnergy: Jan Walter, legitim.ch, and Martin Laker, Akademie Engelsburg
“Art of Air Award” presented to seven laureates

On December 21st, 2020, the „Art of Air“ initiative honoured no less than seven laureates with the “Art of Air Award” (AoAA) 2020. This initiative was started by Airnergy two years ago, on the occasion of Airnergy's 18th birthday (the company was founded in 2000), with a view to drawing attention to our most precious consumable, which is literally vital to all humankind. The AoAA recognises individuals, groups, companies and institutions for creative achievements and successes surrounding the air, or more accurately, the atmosphere that we breathe.

This year's award winners – in seven different categories – are as follows:
  • „Health Award“: Alexander Glogg, representing Swiss television channeltv
  • „Trust Award“: Dr. Alberto Duque, public speaker and therapist
  • „Homeland Award“: Walter Häge, representing the foundation Selbstheilung Online
  • „Innovation Award“: Marvin Alberg, representing the mental training company Neobeats
  • „Education Award“: Karl-Heinz Röber, professor for informative and energy medicine
  • „Media Award“: Daniel Müller, representing the media and news company “Gesundheitsbote NRW"
  • „Vision Award“: Martin Laker, representing the Akademie Engelsburg
On the website of the „Art of Air“ initiativeall seven award winners and their respective work are presented in more detail.

“Art of Air” initiator Guido Bierther on the choices of the jury: “One of our most important tasks is to create and increase public awareness for our most important nutrient and medicine: the ‘atmosphere we breathe’. If you want to cure fish in an aquarium, first treat the water. The same applies to the air that we breathe. We have to focus on healthy air first and foremost, in order for us humans to feel and be well. We would like to congratulate and thank all award winners for their achievements and commitment in this field – whatever means or media they have chosen. All results of their daily work sustainably confirm the successes of our basic scientific research, and the technology and quality of our products.”

Photo: Art of Air Awards 2020, in the category “Health” for QS24.tv, for the programme NaturMEDIZIN
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“Day of Air”, always on December 21st, since its inauguration in December 2018

The presentation of the AoAA is always held on December 21st: the “Day of Air” – as first initiated by Airnergy on December 21st, 2018, at the Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg in Königswinter/Bonn, Germany, in order to create and drive public awareness for the singularly vital importance of the atmosphere we breathe. After all, its significance can hardly be overestimated, as it is the source of all our existence – from our first breath to our last. Without food, humans can survive a few weeks, without water a few days, but without the oxygen in the air only a few minutes. Every day, we each inhale and exhale 21,000 times 12,000 litres of air; in a year, that is about 7.5 million breaths of air – in a lifetime, far more than half a billion.

Photo: Nature image (clouds, sun, trees, mountains)
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Swiss health-themed television channel QS24.tv covering Airnergy and “Art of Air Award”

The Swiss health-themed television channel QS24.tv, also one of the “Art of Air” 2020 award winners in the category “Health”, is covering Airnergy and the “Art of Air Award” on its YouTube channel on December 21st, 2020. Alexander Glogg, founder of QS24.tv, interviewed Guido Bierther on the occasion of the award ceremony as part of the broadcast.

QS24.tv is the first national TV station to focus on a holistic view of our health. QS24 has been on air via Astra satellite TV since September 1st, 2017; it broadcasts unencrypted, 24/7, both in Swiss and German language. Their broadcasts can be received either on television (via some regional cable network feeds) or via Internet portals.

QS24, which emerged from QuantiSana.TV, deals mainly with alternative medical topics conveyed primarily in the form of interviews. The channel presents its programmes in a very transparent and multi-facetted manner, and also promotes a number of social projects whilst offering support to Swiss schools and associations.

Photo: QS24,tv
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Special publication on Dr. Jibin Chi's speech: “The Art of Air 2019: A journey through the century”

Dr. Jibin Chi, president of Channel Biomedical Group and director of CHI Awakening Academy, was awarded the AoAA in 2018 and 2019. The “Art of Air” initiative honoured the outstanding research of the renowned scientist and sent a clear signal that his new groundbreaking findings were being noticed. Chi – who also became a member of the “Art of Air” jury this year – is internationally involved with holistic medicine, or translational medicine (TM), an interdisciplinary branch of biomedicine that brings together the three main pillars of “research, treatment and science” to promote further development and improvement in prevention, diagnosis and therapy. This also involves a method of treatment that draws its inspiration from nature and corresponds to Airnergy technology.

In his speech “The Art of Air 2019: A journey through the century”, the internationally renowned researcher and public speaker explores the connection between Nobel Prize research and Airnergy science. In doing so, he also highlights the revolutionary findings of two Nobel Prize winners, Dr. Corneille Heymans and Dr. Otto Warburg, in the field of oxygen measurement. In addition, Chi provides basic information on photosynthesis and cellular respiration concerning “Nobel Prize research on the essence of life.”

According to Chi, scientific findings have led to the clear conclusion that the essence of life and cellular respiration are based on three key elements:
  • Electron energy from the origin of a light source
  • Activation of oxygen to release stored electron energy
  • Formation of 4th-phase water as a result of electron gain
Understanding these important basics of photosynthesis, according to Chi, is the prerequisite for understanding the Airnergy technology, which has been awarded “Innovation of the Century” (1912-2012).

The quintessences of Dr. Chi's speech were published as a special print edition by the journal of natural medicine, Naturheilkunde Journal. The publication is available upon request via the Airnergy customer service (phone: +49-800-8888821, email: info@airnergy.com) or as a download from the Airnergy website.

Photo: Special publication Naturheilkunde-Journal, April 20th, 2020, by Dr. Jibin Chi.
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New addition to the Airnergy family: Little Atmos, “L.A” for short

New vitaliser available soon!

A new star is born: “Little Atmos” (or “L.A” for short) has made its debut and will be available from February 21st, 2021. The naming originated from the popular guidebook series “The little Atmos” published two years ago by Airnergy, informing about the impact and benefit (which is of general social importance!) of the “smallest air spa in the world” from the point of view of physics, and initiated in the spirit of democratising prevention. It explains why Airnergy therapy is closely related to forest bathing. Airnergy’s “The little Atmos” was recently also released as a video documentary.

After 20 years, our newest family member, the “L.A” vitaliser, was created as a solid model and designed according to the scale of the “golden section”. In its own unique way, it perfectly complements our range of highly popular traditional Airnergy models such as the Professional Plus and Professional Plus Compact vitalisers chosen by 90 percent of all customers. Based on the motto “appetite grows when food looks nice”, the premium brand SPIROYAL® is also enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Amongst others, SPIROYAL® offers a unique energy breathing station: the Spa Set combines two different models in white – the extravagant and elegant vitaliser AvantGarde and the Stream HS; the latter is shaped like a headphone and provides valuable assistance in dermovital treatment.

The “L.A”, however, has been designed to offer an even wider range of applications to meet ever-increasing demands. For example, the new compact model is about a third smaller than the proven Basis Plus model, for many years our entry-level or secondary device. The “L.A” will be available in many different surface finishes or colours. OEM versions are also planned for the coming year.

Pre-orders for the new “L.A” will be gladly accepted from December 21st, 2020 via Airnergy's customer service (see above for contact details).

Photo: “L.A”
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Little Atmos learning to walk and to talk:

“Little Atmos” (or “L.A”) no longer solely exists as a 40-page guidebook. It is now being complemented by its namesake, the new “L.A” vitaliser.

Little Atmos is growing up fast and already learning to walk and to talk. Strikingly masculine, but also sensitive and empathetic, confident and spirited in appearance, it will support and advise existing and potential customers, e.g., supported by service videos, always competent and friendly, sometimes a little casual – and more human than the Windows alternative! Simply a cool guy!

Kids will find in him reliable, always an accessible contact person. His outfit will be child-friendly when communicating with children.

“L.A” will be welcoming and fair to everyone who treats him nicely. However, he will also be able to do otherwise – so you’d better not tease him or treat him badly…

Photo: L.A
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Bülent Ceylan is keeping healthy and fit with Airnergy

For the second time, Bülent Ceylan has posted a video on his YouTube channel showing how invaluable vitalisation with Airnergy is for him. In his characteristically charming Mannheim dialect, he demonstrates both his AvantGarde – for the application of energy from the inside – and the Stream HS – for external treatment or additional energy from the outside. In his two-minute contribution, posted spontaneously out of conviction, the well-known and popular comedian reveals how both systems function, and how easy the handling is in the everyday life. In doing so, he stresses how immensely valuable the daily use of the vitalizer – as a forest air generator, so to speak – is for his regeneration, health maintenance and fitness; and that of the Stream for relief of all kinds of aches and pains, such as tension, overstimulation or irritations in joints or muscles.

A year ago, in November 2019, Bülent Ceylan broadcast his first experience on YouTube, drawing attention to the importance of Airnergy. He clearly explains the enormous and diverse benefits he experiences from Airnergy. And he is not the only one. Many other celebrities, including, for example, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Herbert Grönemeyer, bear testimony to how much better self-healing powers or self-protection mechanisms function, if the body has sufficient energy.

Bülent Ceylan has been performing on German stages for more than 22 years. His comedy performances are regularly sold out. For years, the “Monnemer Türk" has also been campaigning especially for children and families in difficult life situations – with his own foundation “Bülent Ceylan für Kinder” and as ambassador for many charities. He also advocates numerous projects against racism. In 2019, he sang “Atemlos” in a rock version. Currently, Bülent Ceylan is a panelist in the 3rd season of ProSieben’s “The Masked Singer”.

Photo: Bülent Ceylan
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In brief:

Magdalena Neuner announces video message

Magdalena Neuner (now: Holzer), record world and Olympic biathlon champion, and currently ARD expert commentator, has thanked Guido Bierther in a letter for the effectiveness of Airnergy vitalisation. In addition, she has announced a video message to Airnergy.

In her letter, she writes: “… We are quite diligent about recharging energy. Even our daughter asks me at least twice a day if she can do ‘that thing with the air’. It seems to be doing her a world of good. She sometimes has trouble falling asleep in the evening, but at the weekend it worked really well for her. And I find it is really, really good for me, too. We are so happy! Thank you very much again. Regarding the feedback video… I would like to gain a little more experience first, so that I can authentically portray what I feel. I believe that will be the be-all and end-all. It should not be about advertising, but rather about the fact that I am convinced of what you do… which I am anyway.”

Photo: Magdalena Neuner (Holzer)
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Selbstheilung Online: newsletter refers to cooperation with Airnergy

In their newsletter published at the beginning of December, the foundation „Selbstheilung Online“ (awarded with this year's “Art of Air” “Homeland Award”) again refers to their cooperation with Airnergy which commenced many years ago.

The foundation’s participants include physician Dr. Manfred Doepp, biologist Dr. Ulrich Warnke and biophysicist Dieter Broers. Apart from school medicine, their portal is a knowledge resource for traditional and modern healing, tried and tested over thousands of years, and includes topics such as “nutrition”, “micronutrients”, “cell energy”, “immune system” and “mental training” – the “pillars of health". Interested parties will also receive valuable information and tips on other health topics, such as active substances and body detoxification – or the air we breathe.

“In our foundation, we delve deeper into the cause of disease, by shifting the focus from the body to the mind. Our portal provides a broad spectrum of information that supports people on their path to self-healing,” says Häge, founder of the foundation. He regards his work as something very close to his heart.

Photo: Selbstheilung Online
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“Gesundheitsbote NRW” features Airnergy in cover story

In its December issue, under the headline, “(Re-)Vitalisation improves energy and immune system”, the health magazine „Gesundheitsbote NRW“ features a 5-page article about Airnergy, including everything you need to know about Airnergy vitalisation.

In this health magazine, methods of treatment originating both from conventional and complementary medicine are presented side by side for the first time. This concept is extremely popular among health-conscious readers, including doctors and alternative practitioners. In terms of holistic treatment, these two medical directions are not mutually exclusive, but complement one another: as evidenced by many contributions in the magazine, overseen by health experts and compiled by experienced journalists.

The magazine also regularly emphasises the great importance of air as a valuable nutrient and medicine. The “Gesundheitsbote NRW” was awarded the “Art of Air” initiative with the “Media Award” in recognition of their work.

Photo: Gesundheitsbote
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Even alternative media show interest in Airnergy:

1. Jan Walter, legitim.ch

In a broadcast lasting just under an hour, Jan Walter, well-known Swiss author, blogger, truther and operator of the website legitim.ch, interviewed Guido Bierther on the subject of “the air that we breathe and our health”.

An in-depth look at the current global health and economic situation rounded off the conversation.

The complete interview, which has already attracted more than 7,500 views, can be found on YouTube.

Photo: Jan Walter (from right to left) from legitim.ch, interviewing Guido Bierther
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2. Martin Laker, Akademie Engelsburg

Auch Martin Laker, founder of the Akademie Engelsburg and winner of the “Art of Air” “Health Award” 2020, also conducted an in-depth interview with Guido Bierther on the above mentioned topic (20 years of Airnergy – the air that we breathe is, in itself, therapeutic”), which he recently posted to approximately 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

“The Akademie Engelsburg is my personal calling,” so Laker. “Life is much simpler than most people think; it is the (school) sciences that make it cumbersome and complicated. All humans are equipped with a brain, and it is natural to think for yourself, to make decisions. It ranks up there with self-responsibility, for body, mind and spirit.”

Laker has made it his mission to guide his fellow human beings back there, so that they may control their lives as a free form of individual development.

Photo: Martin Laker (from right to left) from the Akademie Engelsburg, interviewing Guido Bierther
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We at Airnergy wish you and your families a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and a healthy start into the New Year 2021.
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Have a wonderful December 21st, Day of Air… not only in 2020!

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