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everything is and will be electric. We encounter more and more electric vehicles on our roads every day. But whether in the private sector or in industry, the issue of electromobility affects us all and offers many opportunities and advantages in terms of a green and environmentally conscious footprint.

Lower costs. Safer for the environment. Switch to "Green Logistics" now.

This blog article will show you how companies can sustainably improve their CO2 footprint, what the switch from diesel to electric drives achieves and which possibilities there are to reduce power consumption.In addition, helpful lifehacks regarding Green Logistics are waiting for you on our social media channels. For example, our HF high-frequency charger can save up to 14% energy compared to conventional 50 Hz chargers.

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AGM ESS technology for better thermal conductivity and increased lifetime

Conventional valve regulated lead-acid batteries have some disadvantages, especially for data centers, telecom and railroad infrastructures: Besides the high voltage differences and capacity losses, the typical consequences of this battery technology are low service life expectations.

These disadvantages, which result from the conventional AGM design, can be eliminated by adding gel additives to the electrolyte. We recognised this optimization potential for us and our customers early on and have been offering all AGM batteries with the advanced Extended Stability Standard (ESS) technology for many years.

Read more about our AGM batteries here and find out why AGM batteries without Extended Stability Standard technology are not suitable for data centers, telecom and railroad infrastructures:

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INTILION Expert Forum 

Our sister company INTILION invites you to take a look at electromobility from different perspectives.

In an exclusive and free expert forum, you will be presented with different perspectives from technical experts with a focus on electromobility and its infrastructure. In addition to the pure charging infrastructure, the focus is on the necessary power grids and their intelligence, as well as the efficient use and storage of energy.

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