The Camp View Road Project

Welcome to The Camp View Road Project. This project is part of the "Right Up Our Street" series from Fleetville Diaries.

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An Introduction

by local historian Mike Neighbour (January, 2017)
Camp View Road was right at the edge of the farm which extended from Sandpit Lane to Camp Road – Beaumonts Farm.  A track linked Camp Road to Hatfield Road, across which the farm extended.  A private track, of course, which some people abused during the days of the 18th and 19th century turnpike trusts, to switch between Hatfield and Camp roads to avoid toll payments.  Naughty but inevitable! 

Part way along this track, now Camp View Road, a pair of cottages existed, set a short way back from the track.  In the 1860s a hay dealer by the name of John Constable, lived in one of them.  The dwellings were probably behind numbers 15 to 19.

The owner of Beaumonts Farm was brewer and farmer Thomas Kinder.  His health deteriorated in the latter part of his life and four of his five daughters survived him in 1881.  In order to support them in their intended marriages, there being no male heir, the estate was eventually sold in stages Thomas's trustees.

The part of the farm south of Hatfield Road was sold by auction in 1899 to a pair of local businessmen: Francis Giffen and Arthur Ekins, local solicitor and chemist respectively.  The developer pair laid out the two fields south of the branch railway as the Camp Estate, upgrading the existing track as Sutton Road and Camp View Road.

At the same time small builders were busy erecting homes on a similar estate north of Hatfield Road, and although there was no shortage of investors willing to take blocks of land on the Camp Estate, the developers needed homes to appear in the short-term.  Francis Giffen therefore generated enthusiasm, found his own builders and employed them directly to put up terraces along Camp View Road, and within about five years the road was finished.  A complete contrast with the rest of the estate where sporadic construction continued for nearly sixty years.

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Final Presentation

The Project culminated in Romayne and Ann-Marie delivering a presentation that captured the spirit and highlights of our research, and some of the family stories that we uncovered.

The main Powerpoint presentation is here. A PDF version is here, and the presentation notes are here.


Documents and Photos from the CVR Drop-in, Saturday 4th February

The Electoral Register for Camp View Road (1962-2002)

The Electoral Register for Camp View Road (1930s-1940s)

Essay on the businesses of Camp View Road

Information Sources for the House Histories

War Records

Absent Voters in 1918

World War One Memorial

World War One Tribunal Records