Best Six 21st Birthday Gifts

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The 21st birthday is always a special occasion. It's the age when we proudly foray into adulthood and commence our journey towards making it big in life. No wonder, the 21st birthday always deserves an elaborate celebration.

So, do you have your friend's or sibling's 21st birthday coming and you are spoilt for choices regarding his/her birthday gift? Now, that's normal.

We want to shower our special persons in so much love that we are often clueless about what would be the most suitable birthday gift for them. But you don't need to worry anymore as here is a list of best six 21st birthday gifts.

Shot glasses

No 21st birthday celebration is complete without oodles of shots. So, make sure your birthday person has his/her special shot glass to enjoy her birthday in her own special way.

You will even find shot glasses specially designed for the 21st birthday. For example, there are shot glasses written "Happy 21st" or "Forever 21".

You can also customize the shot glass with the name of the birthday person for a special touch.

A weekend travel voucher

21 is the age to explore the world. Does your birthday person have a special knack for traveling? Well, then, a weekend travel voucher will be amazing for her.

Join her/him on the trip to make the whole trip more memorable. Get the voucher for her/his birthday weekend so that the birthday person can celebrate the special day at the destination.

It will be different from celebrating a birthday at home like every year. As mentioned previously, the 21st birthday is always special and hence deserves a different celebration.

Hangover kit

Haven't you planned to drink the night away on her/his birthday midnight? That's glorious. But then, we can't avoid the risk of a hangover the next morning which will lead to the birthday.

You certainly don't want to spoil the day for the birthday person. So, what about a hangover birthday kit? A hangover kit comprises of gums, emergency medicines, hair tie, band-aid, antibacterial wipe and so on.

You will get such pre-packaged kits online only. Otherwise, you can make one yourself as well. Your birthday person will certainly love you even more for saving her special day.

Liquor cake

No birthday is ever complete without a nice birthday cake. But when it comes to 21st birthday, there has to be some special twist.

What about a liquor cake? Sounds awesome, isn't it? 21 is the age of carefree youth where you do have the license to be little naughty. A liquor cake here will surely add some extra brownie points to the jubilant mood that you are planning to create on the 21st birthday.

Make sure to get the cameras ready to capture the fun shenanigans of all of you after having the liquor cake.

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Surprise birthday party

Surprise birthday parties are always a great birthday gift and something that never goes out of fashion. If you can take some time out, gather your friends and plan up a smashing plan for a grand surprise birthday party.

If you are planning to throw the party at the person's house, you may need the help of his/her parents or siblings. So, involve them in the discussions and schedule a cracking plan together.

If possible, try to host the party in his/her roof, so that s/he doesn't get a single clue of what's happening over the head.

Planner or organizer

As a person reaches 21, s/he starts listing down all the big plans that s/he has to fulfill over the big life ahead.

And for that, the person will need a neat planner where s/he can jot down the goals and the plans or steps to make them come true.

So, a beautiful planner or organizer will make a smart birthday gift for your friend or sister's 21st birthday. It will be his/her first note-book to line up the dream bucket list.

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