This s3 bucket contains remote sensing data (raw images, flight logs, orthophotos and Digital Surface Models) collected by the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) with a Gatewing X100 drone in 2013-2016 over five locations in Flanders, Belgium.

Bucket structure

Data for the five locations are organized in five prj_name directories in rpas_data_inbo:

├── rpas_data_inbo      : RPAS data collected by INBO
│   │
│   ├── prj_averbode    : Data for Averbode Bos & Heide (nature reserve)
│   ├── prj_eigenbilzen : Data for Eigenbilzen (wild boar damaged fields) 
│   ├── prj_kalmthout   : Data for Kalmthoutse Heide (nature reserve)
│   ├── prj_liereman    : Data for Landschap De Liereman (nature reserve)
│   ├── prj_zwin        : Data for Zwin (nature reserve)
│   │
│   ├── reference       : Background documentation
│   └── src             : Script to convert tiff to cloud optimized geotiff
├── cogeo               : Cloud optimized geotiff of all processed data
├── rpas_data_misc      : Miscellaneous RPAS data to which INBO has access PRIVATE
├── rpas_software       : RPAS software to which INBO has access PRIVATE
├── index.html          : Description of this repository
└── index.md            : Markdown for index.html

Each prj_name directory contains:

All geospatial data has the coordinate reference system EPSG:31370 - Belgian Lambert 72. raw, processed and gcp data are master data and should not be altered. These are also published as open data. Data for Landschap De Liereman contains 1 flight commissioned by INBO and carried out by VITO with an eBee drone with Multispec 4C camera (raw data for this flight are not available).

Open data

Raw flight data, processed data and ground control points for the five locations were published/archived on Zenodo as open data under a Creative Commons Zero waiver.

Exploring the data

The most efficient way to explore the processed data is by loading the Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs we created for each processed file. Copy one of the file URLs below and follow e.g. the QGIS tutorial to load this type of file. The image spectrum for the orthophotos is indicated after the URL: RGB (red, green, blue), CIR (color-infrared), multispec (multispectral).

Averbode Bos & Heide


Kalmthoutse Heide

Landschap De Liereman



This work makes use of data and/or infrastructure provided by INBO and funded by Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) as part of the Belgian contribution to LifeWatch.

The raw data were processed to Digital Surface Models and orthophotos by Klaas Pauly at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) in 2017 (except for Eigenbilzen).

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs were generated by Stijn Van Hoey and data were published as open data on Zenodo by Peter Desmet, both from the Open science lab for biodiversity.


Jeroen Vanden Borre