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In September / October 2007 I went to the Arctic Ocean to collect oceanographic data. Five weeks on board a Russian polar research ship, at 82 deg north the time zones slipped by quickly, day and night were soon forgotten, the sun would set and rise quite randomly. Optical phenomena like the Aurora Borealis and icebow's, Seals and Polar Bears watching us curiously, the unsettling sound of the ships hull shuddering as we ploughed through ice sheets.
A different world within our own.
The majority of this album was created during this journey.

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MANK: Isbjorn

Review from Sonic Immersion

Mank is an ambient project by North Wales based musician Ben Powell. For "Isbjorn", his eight release, Ben spend five weeks on a polar research ship in September and October 2007 to collect oceanographic data.
The latter would form the majority of this album, which was actually created during the journey.

The 70+ minutes of instrumental, highly cinematic music is fully computer based, nicely reflecting the bleakness of the spacious and cold environment, carrying on in a slow, overall tranquil, atmospheric, soundscape and drone-based manner.

There’s a beautiful sense of space sparkling between the notes, lending the outcome an extra edge, next to an occasional beat or percussion and some gentle Eno-esque piano.

This nicely rendered, Arctic inspired mood music is available as free download on Ben’s website. It's especially recommended to listen and experience its magic with headphones.

Bert Strolenberg


Review from "we are not journalists"

08-04-08 - Isbjorn has been put at number 6 in the "Best of March 2008" list on "We Are Not Journalists" webpage, sat between Boris and Mike Patton!

"Utterly brilliant cosmic ambient electronic music, Mank ( a project by Ben Powell) is music that is rewarding on an emotional level that is in the vein of the minimalism of Satie or Reich as well as the IDM of Aphex Twin. The release of Mank’s music is to be equally commended — self releasing HIS ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY on his site for as much or as little as you want. This effort needs to be supported in a big way."


you can also listen to me rambling on radio wales in october 2007

mank - interview / dead squirrel sociecty

Adam Walton - bbc radio wales 21-10-07


page from Bangor University newspaper, Feb 08

20-01-08 - "Into The Vilkitsky Strait" was played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales

27-01-08 - "Frin" was played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales

21 - 2 - 08 - Airplay on "introducing with Bethan Elfyn" on BBC Radio 1

24 - 2 - 08 - "Revontulet" was played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales

16 - 04 - 08 - Cryoseism was played on BBC Radio 3 on" the late juncion" show, you can listen to it here