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Released on St. David's day 2010, Awen (a Welsh word for "poetic inspiration") sees Ben Powell return to his roots for the 10th release under the Mank moniker. The album is inspired by characters from the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh folk tales recording memories of ancient Celtic mythology. Recorded on a laptop the tracks combine field recordings with virtual and real instruments whilst demonstrating Ben's inventive composition style (for example, "Blodeuwedd" was composed using tidal current data from the Menai Straits, "Cyhreath" contains a field recording of an ice breaker crashing through ice at the north pole).


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Mank: Awen

Review from "Artists and Bands"

(translated from italian)

A genius! An invaluable, immeasurable, unquantifiable World Heritage Site, UNESCO should call and tell them this. And instead is largely unknown. Sells all his albums on the Internet saying that the market is disgusting music and record companies and that is why we prefer to ask for 'a bit of small change to support independent music "through voluntary donation. Ben Powell (alias Mank ) is a typical boy of more arctic northern hemisphere. In business since 2001 has released 13 albums, including two with the moniker Micrographia and one with Llyn Y CWN.

After two years of its most successful Isbjorn, Mank returns to the purest sound, sorghum and uncontaminated with the album Awen . Published in the day of "St. David's day (the day which celebrates the patron saint of Wales) the album interprets poems (Awen is a Welsh word that means just "poetry") and folk tales of the Mabinogion characters (from a series of short stories since Medieval Welsh) enhancing the melody with recordings that evoke the memories of Celtic mythology associated with sounds that anyone can hear strolling along the endless lands Welsh, vibrations of the tides to those of the breaking ice. A minimal and cosmic journey, a journey to be made ​​through nuances of light / dark contrasts of light and hot and cold, an imaginary electronic unsophisticated, simple, with a wealth primary.
"Cerridwen" enters the picture with stealthily, on the other hand to repeat any previous album Mank . It grows with every passing second ice making atmosphere that will resurface on every track. "Mathowny Math Ap" is the hub of the disc. Raindrops heavy stones scratch as a base sensual and dark, gusts of wind carried away the soul, immortal lightning burn it to the surface. A journey of foul language elements that precede violence "Arianrhod" mythological flight of silence and pristine views. "Gwydion" is balanced by a night draws near, by lone rangers, from grass mats and restless spirits. This plasticizing at the hands of Powell at the piano melody of "Don" and the rumbling "Arawn" and then here comes the hand of nature and soil of this artist. Sounds recorded from the crust of this world. "Blodeuwedd" and "Cyhyraeth" authentic melodies are planetary. The first recorded by the tides through the Strait of Menai lysergic piano lines that converge. The second immortalized during the breakup of polar glaciers whose melody is consumed by a feeling anxious and suffering.

Mank does not give up. Care less about celebrity and popularity continues to support his ideas and to produce an album worthy beauty. Moments of pure spiritual conversion, mental journeys on the edge of the world where the ground is frozen, endless views and uncontrolled elements.

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