'Micrographia' is best said in the voice of the bloke who does trailers for high budget action films. Born in haste in November 2003 as a project everyone thought would be "Dead by Christmas". Unfortunately for some, the project is still very much alive and well; enjoying the release of two (rather seminal) E.Ps and extensive (i.e. more than once) Radio Play including BBC Radio 1 and Radio Cymru.

Micrographia (The 'Graphia, The 'Phia) is a mish-mash of it's father bands and brains, having three fathers and no mother. This caused extensive problems for the band's genes, and it is now known that it has a total of 69 chromosomes - enough to turn any normal human male man into a vegetable male man. Micrographia is no vegetable however, but a twelve-legged, jewel-eyed, three-headed, mercury-haired lion. The lion also speaks.

The band's computational enterprises are led by Cymru's infamous Ben Powell of sunny Cefn Mawr. Author to a wave of ambient electronica under the alias 'Mank', Ben brought with him years of computery experience and contacts which have so far given us no gigs in wrexham. Joining ben are the equally less famous Andrew Jones and David McCann. Andy is a qualified environmental chemist who works in Woolworths (as a chartered chemical supervisor behind the cd and dvd desk); micrographia is his first band, although this is still to be verified. Verified by gas chromatography. Verified by gas chromatography by Andy. David McCann is formerly of renowned punk quartet Antishoe of Aylesbury. He is also the author of this biography, and so wishes not to disclose any more information.

Micrographia - "The most origonal and progressive band in North Wales" - Adam Walton, Radio Wales.

Micrographia, 2004


Micrographia - Everything Will Turn To Heat, 2005