2018 Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners, runners up, and shortlisted candidates in 2018.

  • Overall financial planner of the year

    Winner: Chris Wordsworth

  • Rising star

    Winner: Laura Whetstone

  • At-retirement planner of the year

    Winner: Jason Eldrid

    Runner-up: Nicola Meadows

    Shortlisted candidates: Jason Eldrid | Paul Fazackerly

  • Equity Release planner of the year

    Winner: Matthew Philips

    Runner-up: Richard Barker

    Shortlisted candidates: Steve Paterson

  • IHT planner of the Year

    Winner: Carole Nicholls

    Runner-up: Iain Muffitt

    Shortlisted candidates: Daniel Elkington

  • Investment Companies planner of the year

    Winner: David Malin

    Runner-up: Daniel Elkington

    Shortlisted candidates: Andrew Milligan

  • Investment planner of the year

    Winner: Andy Springford

    Runner-up: Sarah Harragan

    Shortlisted candidates: Chris Wordsworth

  • Mortgage planner of the year

    Winner: Wanda Moore

    Runner-up: Marcus Dyachenko

    Shortlisted candidates: Lewis Chambers

  • Multi-asset planner of the year

    Winner:Francis Klonowski

    Runner-up: James Robinson

    Shortlisted candidates: Ben Dyson

  • Sustainable Ethical planner of the year

    Winner: Lisa Hardman

    Runner-up: Jeannie Boyle

    Shortlisted candidates: Nicola Ellis

  • Tax-efficient investing

    Winner: Laura Whetstone

    Runner-up: Katie White

    Shortlisted candidates: Sarah Harragan | Chris Wordsworth