Measuring the BBC's support for on-screen talent

This data visualisation shows appearances on the BBC in 2014 by all BAFTA nominees from performance categories since 1990. It illustrates how we might measure the BBC's support for on-screen talent in the creative sector. Read the article accompanying the data visualisation.

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Notes: The broadcast data comes from the BBC's programme database, Nitro. The BAFTA data includes all nominees since 1990 in the following on-screen categories: leading actor and actress in film and television, supporting actor and actress in film and television, rising star award, best entertainment performance, best female comedy performance and best male comedy performance. The first two slides are based on appearances in programmes broadcast in 2014, on BBC1 to BBC4. The third slide, which shows a network, is based on all programmes broadcast between 2012 and 2014 inclusive. 'Prime-time' refers to programmes that begin after 7pm but before midnight. The time that a BAFTA nominee appears on the BBC is calculated using the length of the programme in which they appeared, as opposed to the length of their appearance on screen.