Maternal and health coverage in South Asia
Who is being left behind?
Coverage*: %
Wealth quintile
Q 1: Q 2: Q 3:
Q 4: Q 5:
Place of residence
Urban: Rural:
None: Primary: Secondary or higher:
Year: Source:
For full information see the Nepal map on this page.
*The Composite Coverage Index (CCI) is a measure of the estimated coverage of eight essential maternal and child health interventions: family planning, skilled birth attendance, ante-natal care, the DPT3 vaccine, the measles vaccine, the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine, oral rehydration therapy (for children with diarrhoea) and pneumonia care
Source: Data is from World Health Organization (WHO) Health Equity Monitor. See national data. See sub-national data. Accessed on 19 January 2017. Please note that some of these data were accessed prior to updates that were made on the WHO website in December 2016.