IPA-IAL 19th June, 2018

High-resolution reconstructions

Everybody wants high resolution reconstructions

  • Comparison with instrumental data
  • Inclusion in data synthesis

What limits the resolution of reconstructions from assemblage data with transfer functions?

Validated sub-decadal reconstructions

Lake Żabińskie chironomid-inferred August air temperature (Larocque-Tobler et al 2015)
- r = 0.76

Baldegersee diatom-inferred total phosphorous Lotter (1998)
- "compares well"


Calibrate against climate in space –
                            – validate against weather in time

Ecological sensitivity



Climate correlations in space


Climate correlations in space

Transfer function performance by month

Calibration data from Larocque-Tobler et al (2015)

Reconstructions by month