Ecological Archives A022-024-A6

Douglas J. McCauley, Kevin A. McLean, John Bauer, Hillary S. Young, and Fiorenza Micheli. 2012. Evaluating the performance of methods for estimating the abundance of rapidly declining coastal shark populations. Ecological Applications 22:385–392.

Appendix F (FIG. F1). Percent of field implemented belt, point, and video surveys where sharks (species pooled) were present (> 0 sharks recorded). The percent of belt transects with sharks present was significantly less than point or video surveys, but there was no significant difference between point or video surveys (belt vs. video: χ² = 36.1, P < 0.0001; belt vs. point: χ² = 28.2, P < 0.0001; point vs. video: χ² = 2.6, P = 0.1). Fig. F1 depicts mean sighting frequency (± SE) of survey methods. Letters show significant pairwise differences; treatments with the same letters are not significantly different.

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