Ecological Archives A020-027-A3

J. Claudet, C. W. Osenberg, P. Domenici, F. Badalamenti, M. Milazzo, J. M. Falcón, I. Bertocci, L. Benedetti-Cecchi, J.-A. García-Charton, R. Goñi, J. A. Borg, A. Forcada, A. de Lucia, Á. Pérez-Ruzafa, P. Afonso, A. Brito, I. Guala, L. Le Diréach, P. Sanchez-Jerez, P. J. Somerfield, and S. Planes. 2010. Marine reserves: Fish life history and ecological traits matter. Ecological Applications 20:830–839.

Appendix C (TABLE C1). List of the species recorded from the studies and their commercial and ecological categories.