Ecological Archives A020-076-A1

Amy M. Marcarelli, Robert W. Van Kirk, and Colden V. Baxter. 2010. Predicting effects of hydrologic alteration and climate change on ecosystem metabolism in a western U.S. river. Ecological Applications 20:2081–2088.

Appendix A. Regulated and reconstructed unregulated hydrographs for Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

FIG. A1. The regulated and reconstructed hydrographs from the Henry’s Fork, Snake River, serve as an example of how unregulated flow may be calculated using mass balance on a daily time scale (Benjamin and Van Kirk 1999, Bayrd 2006). This mass balance approach could not be taken in the current study because fine-scale temporal data on storage, consumptive use, and return flow are not available for the Portneuf River. Because this basin is similar in size to that of the Portneuf River (Henry’s Fork: 8500 km2, Portneuf 3500 km2; both are 5th-order streams), the shape of the hydrograph was used as an approximation of the unit hydrograph for our unregulated Portneuf River flow reconstruction.


Bayrd, G.B. 2006. The influences of geology and water management on hydrology and fluvial geomorphology in the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. M.S. Thesis, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID.

Benjamin, L. and R.W. Van Kirk. 1999. Assessing instream flows and reservoir operations on an eastern Idaho river. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 35:899–909.

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