Ecological Archives A021-037-A1

Yi Wang, Wei Huang, Evan Siemann, Jianwen Zou, Gregory S. Wheeler, Juli Carrillo, and Jianqing Ding. 2011. Lower resistance and higher tolerance of host plants: biological control agents reach high densities but exert weak control. Ecological Applications 21:729–738.

Appendix A (TABLE A1). Native and invasive populations of Triadica sebifera that were used in this study.

Population Location Latitude Longitude
AH Anhui province 31°36'-32°2'N 117°11'-118°2'E
GZ Guizhou province 26°32'N 108°04'E
HN Hunan province 29°12'N 111°37'E
JS Jiangsu province 32°2'N 118°50'E
ZJ Zhejiang province 30°16'N 120°8'-120°11'E
AL Alabama 30°25'N 88°08'-88°13'W
FL Florida 29°89'-30°51'N 81°29'-87°23'W
GA Georgia 31°22'-32°05'N 81°06'-81°52'W
SC South Carolina 32°15'-33°22'N 79°16'-80°76'W
TX Texas 29°22'-29°47'N 94°02'-94°46'W
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