Ecological Archives A021-073-A1

Sarah P. Dalle, María T. Pulido, and Sylvie de Blois. 2011. Balancing shifting cultivation and forest conservation: lessons from a “sustainable landscape” in southeastern Mexico. Ecological Applications 21:1557–1572.

Appendix A (FIG. A1). Land cover maps of Ejido X-Maben from 1976, 1988 and 1997. The black polygon indicates the area analyzed for each time period in the current paper (i.e., accessible within 90 minutes of travel from Señor). During the study period, few land use/cover changes occurred in the less accessible areas, as they consist mainly of mature forests protected by community norms (for more details, see Dalle et al. 2006 which provides an analysis of land use/cover change at the scale of the entire ejido).

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