Ecological Archives A021-106-A3

D. Noguera, K.-R. Laossi, P. Lavelle, M. H. Cruz de Carvalho, N. Asakawa, C. Botero, and S. Barot. 2011. Amplifying the benefits of agroecology by using the right cultivars. Ecological Applications 21:2349–2356.

Appendix C (FIG. C1). Effect sizes of the biochar, earthworm, and combination of biochar and earthworm treatments on the leaf C/N (A–B) and the grain number (C–D). In each case effect sizes are displayed for the mineral fertilization treatment (left-hand column of panels) and the non-fertilized treatment (right-hand column of panels), and for each Asian rice cultivar (AZ, Azucena; DLT, Donde lo tiren; L30, Line 30; NB, Nipponbare) and the African rice (OG, Oryza glaberrima).

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