Ecological Archives A021-125-A6

Pablo García-Palacios, Matthew A. Bowker, Fernando T. Maestre, Santiago Soliveres, Fernando Valladares, Jorge Papadopoulos, and Adrián Escudero. 2011. Ecosystem development in roadside grasslands: biotic control, plant–soil interactions and dispersal limitations. Ecological Applications 21:2806–2821.

Appendix F (FIG. F1). Ordination diagram of principal coordinates analysis (PCO), showing the effects of age (early-, mid- and late-successional stages) on the soil C and N of Madrid and Málaga. Each data point represent one 1 × 1 m plot. PCO 1 and PCO 2 indicate both ordination axes. Pearson correlations between the original variables (C and N) and the PCO 1 axis are shown. PCO 1 axis was introduced in the structural equation models of Fig. 5 to represent the synthetic variable named Soil fertility.

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