Ecological Archives A021-136-A3

Elizabeth A. Marschall, Martha E. Mather, Donna L. Parrish, Gary W. Allison, and James R. McMenemy. 2011. Migration delays caused by anthropogenic barriers: modeling dams, temperature, and success of migrating salmon smolts. Ecological Applications 21:3014–3031.

Appendix C (TABLE C1). Tributaries from which simulated smolts originated, the distance upstream from the mouth of the river (km), and the mean relative proportion of smolts originating from each tributary, based on parr estimates the previous fall in each tributary (Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission Wild Smolt Estimates).

Tributary RK Relative
Wells River 428 0.03
White River 346 0.10
Williams River 286 0.09
West River 241 0.32
Deerfield River 190 0.13
Westfield River 125 0.17
Farmington River 93 0.12
Salmon River 29 0.04
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