Ecological Archives A021-146-A4

S. Luyssaert, D. Hessenmöller, N. von Lüpke, S. Kaiser, and E. D. Schulze. 2011. Quantifying land use and disturbance intensity in forestry, based on the self-thinning relationship. Ecological Applications 21:3271–3283.

Appendix D. Distribution of site observations for age-class forest.

   FIG. D1. Distribution of site observations for age-class forest with respect to the three developmental stages: pole stand, small timber, and large timber. Full circles depict all inventory plots of the respective scheme, blue symbols depict the average and the associated standard deviation of the three developmental stages. The large open circle depicts the average of all age classes. Top left: all age class forest plots, top right: Fagus and Quercus forests, bottom left: Picea and Pseudotsuga forest, bottom right: Pinus forest.

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