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J. M. Biddle, C. Linde, and R. C. Godfree. 2012. Co-infection patterns and geographic distribution of a complex pathosystem targeted by pathogen-resistant plants. Ecological Applications 22:35–52.

Appendix A (TABLE A1). The table below lists references that contain detailed information on the main vegetation communities and habitats surveyed in eastern Australia during the study.

Habitat/location References
Endangered and
threatened plant
Office of Legislative
Drafting and Publishing 2007,
Victorian Government 2007,
New South Wales Government 2008
Wetlands of
National Significance
Environment Australia 2001,
Hope et al. 2005,
Department of Sustainability
and Environment 2006
Bega Valley Keith and Bedward 1999
Bogong High Plains Wahren et al. 1999
Subalpine and
Alpine wetlands
Hope 2002,
Whinam et al. 2003,
Taranto et al. 2004
Subalpine and
Alpine vegetation
Gellie 2005,
Walsh and McDougall 2004,
McDougall and Walsh 2002,
Costin 1957,
Wimbush and Costin 1979
Barrington Tops
National Park
Zoete 2000
Delegate River Ladd 1979,
Department of Sustainability
and Environment 2003
New England
Hunter 2005,
Benson and Ashby 2000
Mount Canobolas
and Orange
Hunter 2002
Carter et al. 2003,
Environment ACT 2005
Gippsland Lunt 1997
Stock Reserves
Rural Lands Protection Board in
association with NSW Agriculture 2001


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