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Dawn M. Browning, Michael C. Dunway, Andrea S. Laliberte, and Albert Rango. 2012. Hierarchical analysis of vegetation dynamics over 71 years: Soil-rainfall interactions in a Chihuahuan desert ecosystem. Ecological Applications 22:909–926.

Appendix B (Fig. B1). Photograph from a field sampling site selected to describe mapped soil class S2. More than half (55.5%) of the sites within S2 exhibited a petrocalcic within 50 cm of the soil surface and were thus classified as Shallow Sandy. In the remaining S2 sites, the petrocalcic horizon occurred between 50 and 10 cm; these sites were classified as Sandy (USDA-NRCS 2010). The site demonstrates a higher proportion of vegetation cover by soil-stabilizing grasses and forbs and smaller mesquite patches [relative to deep sandy soil (S1)].

Photo credit: Dawn M. Browning

Literature Cited

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