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David J. Augustine, Tim L. Springer. 2013. Competition and facilitation between a native and a domestic herbivore: trade-offs between forage quantity and quality. Ecological Applications 23:850–863.

Appendix A (Table A1). List of species classified as "rarely grazed species" and hence not included in estimates of forage biomass.

Scientific Name

Common Name

Source of Classification

Artemesia frigida

Fringed sage

Klipple and Costello 1960 and Milchunas et al. 2008

Arisitida longiseta

Red threeawn

Klipple and Costello 1960 and Milchunas et al. 2008

Astragalus spp.

Locoweed and milkvetch

Klipple and Costello 1960

Chrysopsis villosa

Hairy golden aster

Milchunas et al. 2008

Cirsium undulatum

Wavyleaf thistle

Personal observation

Coryphantha vivipara

Pincushion cactus

Bement 1968

Cryptantha minima

Plains cryptantha

Similarity in traits to Lappula redowski

Dyssodia papposa

Fetid marigold

Johnson and Larson 2007

Echinocereus viridiflorus

Hedgehog cactus

Bement 1968

Euphorbia marginata

Snow on the mountain

Johnson and Larson 2007

Grindelia squarrosa

Curlycup gumweed

Johnson and Larson 2007

Gutierrezia sarothrae

Broom snakeweed

Klipple and Costello 1960

Haplopappus spinulosa

Ironplant tansyaster

Johnson and Larson 2007

Lappula redowski

Blueburr stickseed

Milchunas et al. 2008

Muhlenbergia torreyi

Ring muhly

Klipple and Costello 1960  

Opuntia polyacantha

Plains prickly pear

Bement 1968

Plantago patagonica

Wooly plantain (Indianwheat)

Milchunas et al. 2008

Vulpia octoflora

Sixweeks fescue

Milchunas et al. 2008

Literature Cited

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