Ecological Archives A023-077-A4

Tarik C. Gouhier, Frédéric Guichard, Bruce A. Menge. 2013. Designing effective reserve networks for nonequilibrium metacommunities. Ecological Applications 23:1488–1503.

Appendix D. The effects of reserve networks on the dynamics of nonequilibrium metacommunities with a type II functional response.



Fig. D1. The effect of no-take (i.e., fully protected) reserve networks in nonequilibrium metacommunities (K=40) with full dispersal (d=1). Time series of prey (a–c) and predator (d–f) abundance for metacommunities subjected to marine reserve networks that use the extent of dispersal (a, d), the extent of patchiness (b, e) or the scale of coupling (c, f) as the distance between reserves. All reserves were implemented at time step 500 (highlighted in red) and side plots of the harvesting rate h indicate their spatial configuration. The harvesting rate was identical for both species within each community and its (spatial) mean was kept constant at 0.1 for all simulations (vertical black line in side plots).