Ecological Archives A024-042-A2

R. Flint Hughes, Gregory P. Asner, Joseph Mascaro, Amanda Uowolo, James Baldwin. 2014. Carbon storage landscapes of lowland Hawaii: the role of native and invasive species through space and time. Ecological Applications 24:716–731.

Appendix B. Diameter-to-biomass models used to estimate aboveground biomass (AGB) of Hawaii’s forests.

D is diameter (cm) at 1.37 m from the ground or above buttress; BD is diameter (cm) around the base; H is height (m); ρ is wood density (g/cm3). Information originally published in Asner et al. (2011)5.

Diameter-to-AGB model r² Min D Max D n

(calculates AGB in kg)
(cm) (cm)
Acacia koa
exp(-2.3270+2.3500*ln(D))*1.0171 0.99 1.5 30
Dodonaea viscosa1
0.13*(BD*10)2.55)/1000 0.95 0.5 2.9 20
Metrosideros polymorpha
exp(-2.1311+2.5011*ln(D))*1.0671 0.98 1.8 33 24
Morella faya2
exp(-1.3412+2.1628*ln(D)) 0.99

Prosopis pallida1
exp(-1.0188+2.1079*ln(BD))*1.0378 0.92 12.7 48.7 17
Psidium cattleianum
exp(-1.9096+2.5763*ln(D))*1.0084 0.99 1.7 18.2 19
Fraxinus uhdei (wood)2,3
exp(-2.7339+2.5974*ln(D)) 0.99
Fraxinus uhdei (leaves)2,3
exp(-5.921+2.243*ln(D)) 0.81
General dead trees < 10 cm
exp(4.6014+1.1204*ln(D2))*1.11*10-3 0.95
General dead trees ≥ 10 cm
PI*(D/2)2*H*100*0.5/1000 n/a4

General tree ferns
PI*(D/2)2*H*100*ρ/1000 n/a4

1Model estimates AGB based on basal diameter (cm).

2A correction factor is incorporated.

3Results of models for wood and leaf tissues were combined to estimate total AGB.

4AGB for dead trees and tree ferns was estimated using the volume of a cylinder, with measurements of tree diameter, height, and wood density.

5Asner, G. P., R. F. Hughes, J. Mascaro, A. L. Uowolo, D. E. Knapp, J. Jacobson, T. Kennedy-Bowdoin, and J. K. Clark. 2011. High-resolution carbon mapping on the million-hectare Island of Hawai‘i. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9:434–439.

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