Ecological Archives A024-218-A3

Jean-François Bastin, Nicolas Barbier, Pierre Couteron, Benoît Adams, Aurélie Shapiro, Jan Bogaert, Charles De Cannière. 2014. Aboveground biomass mapping of African forest mosaics using canopy texture analysis: toward a regional approach. Ecological Applications 24:1984–2001.

Appendix C. A figure showing the prediction of AGB, basal area and large stem density (dbh ≥ 70 cm) based on texture piecewise regression model.


Fig. C1. Aboveground biomass (Mg/ha; R² = 0.85), basal area (m²/ha; R² = 0.71) and density of large trees (count/ ha; R² = 0.76), i.e., trees with a dbh superior or equal to 70 cm, predicted from textural indices using the piecewise regression model.

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