Ecological Archives A024-221-A1

David P. Edwards, Ainhoa Magrach, Paul Woodcock, Yinqiu Ji, Norman T.-L. Lim, Felicity A. Edwards, Trond H. Larsen, Wayne W. Hsu, Suzan Benedick, Chey Vun Khen, Arthur Y. C. Chung, Glen Reynolds, Brendan Fisher, William F. Laurance, David S. Wilcove, Keith C. Hamer, Douglas W. Yu. 2014. Selective-logging and oil palm: multitaxon impacts, biodiversity indicators, and trade-offs for conservation planning. Ecological Applications 24:2029–2049.

Appendix A. Map of sampling sites.


Fig. A1. Map of sampling sites. Core sampling area (a): primary (unlogged forest) = dark green; once-logged forest = mid-green; twice-logged forest = pale green; oil palm = brown. Position of core sample zone (outlined in red) and additional sampling points (b). Additional oil palm sites were sampled only for birds (both points) and dung beetles (western point) and used in reanalysis (see Appendix C).

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