Ecological Archives A025-058-A3

David N. Koons, Fernando Colchero, Kent Hersey, Olivier Gimenez. 2015. Disentangling the effects of climate, density dependence, and harvest on an iconic large herbivore's population dynamics. Ecological Applications 25:956–967.

Appendix C. Comparison of posterior and prior probability densities for parameters in the top process model.


Fig. C1. A comparison of estimated posterior probability densities (solid lines) to the specified prior probability densities (dashed lines) for parameters in our top Gompertz process model with extractions (see Eq. 5 and Table 1 of main text). Estimated mean parameter values are denoted by the thin vertical reference lines. Note that the vague prior probability densities in panels 2–4 are nearly flat and span a large portion of the allowable parameter space.

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