Ecological Archives E086-151-A6

Norman A. Bourg, William J. McShea, and Douglas E. Gill. 2005. Putting a cart before the search: successful habitat prediction for a rare forest herb. Ecology 86:2793–2804.

Appendix F. A color version of Fig. 4.

   FIG. F1. A color version of Fig. 4 from the main article. Predicted habitat model map for Turkeybeard (Xerophyllum asphodeloides) on the George Washington National Forest study area in northwestern Virginia (227, 216 ha, inset upper left) produced from the classification tree model.  Suitable habitat color-coded categories in the magnified view correspond to the Su1 – Su5 leaves in the classification tree in Fig. 3.  Ovals encircle new population patches discovered during ground-truthing; triangles with their corresponding arrows indicate unoccupied ground-truthed patches, and diamonds with their associated arrows indicate prior known population ground-truthed patches.

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