Ecological Archives E086-183-A1

Scott C. Neubauer, Kim Givler, SarahKeith Valentine, and J. Patrick Megonigal. 2005. Seasonal patterns and plant-mediated controls of subsurface wetland biogeochemistry. Ecology 86:3334–3344.

Appendix A. A figure showing porewater chemistry of vegetated soils at the Jug Bay and Jack Bay tidal marshes.

   FIG. A1. Porewater chemistry of Jug Bay and Jack Bay samples collected with diffusion equilibration sampler (peepers). Profiles of dissolved redox species in vegetated marsh areas in Jul (filled black symbols) and Sep (open gray symbols). n = 1 peeper per marsh in July, 2 in September, with error bars omitted for clarity. Note that the scale for the Fe2+ graphs differs between the two marshes.

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