Ecological Archives E088-011-A6

Cynthia G. Hays. 2007. Adaptive phenotypic differentiation across the intertidal gradient in the alga Silvetia compressa. Ecology 88:149–157.

Appendix F. Differences among lineages in embryo emersion tolerance before and after parents were kept in a common garden.

   FIG. F1. The mean difference in percent survival of upper limit embryos vs. lower limit embryos (lineages paired on the same slide), from three populations, under two different emersion treatments, compared across trials. No difference in survivorship between upper and lower limit progeny (zero on the y-axis) is indicated by a dashed line. The relative advantage of upper limit progeny was equivalent across trials in lineages from both populations (ANOVA; Scott’s Creek: F1,52 = 0.061, P  = 0.806; Greyhound; F1, 51 = 1.69, P  = 0.20).

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