Ecological Archives E088-041-A4

Donna Drury McCall and Chet F. Rakocinski. 2007. Grass shrimp (Palaemonetes spp.) play a pivotal trophic role in enhancing Ruppia maritima. Ecology 88:618–624.

Appendix D. Diagram of experimental layout.

fig D1
   FIG. D1. Blocked split-plot experimental layout. Each block (n = 3) separated by 50 m from an adjacent block. Plots (n = 4) within each block separated by 5 m; two plots were fertilized (F) and two were unfertilized (UF). Each plot comprised three cylinders and a marked unenclosed control (C) plot. Each cylinder randomly received either no (N), medium (M), or high (H) shrimp treatments.

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