Ecological Archives E088-159-A1

John Maron and Marilyn Marler. 2007. Native plant diversity resists invasion at both low and high resource levels. Ecology 88:2651–2661.

Appendix A. Comparison of R2 values in models where realized species richness (RSR) or realized functional richness (RFR) were used as covariates, block and water treatment were used as fixed factors, and the various items were used as response variables.

Response variables RSR RFR
Number of flowering knapweed stems 0.196 0.186
Number of non-flowering individuals of knapweed 0.182 0.151
Cumulative knapweed seed heads per subplot 0.20 0.186
Soil nitrogen (NH4+ and NO3-) in uninvaded subplots, 2005 0.204 0.206
Soil nitrogen (NH4+ and NO3-) in uninvaded subplots, 2006 0.196 0.192
Percentage reduction in PAR in uninvaded subplots 0.45 0.472

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