Ecological Archives E088-189-A6

J. Wilson White and Robert R. Warner. 2007. Safety in numbers and the spatial scaling of density-dependent mortality in a coral reef fish. Ecology 88:3044–3054.

Appendix F. A description of the settlement distribution simulations.

For each transect, we estimated the number of available settlement microsites as the total number of unique microsites at which we observed settlers during 2005; this is a conservative estimate but it should decrease the Type I error rate for this test. Each site, s, received nm settlers to xs microsites in each month, m. For each site/month combination, we simulated the random settlement of nm individuals to xs microsites and calculated the proportion, f, of settlers that ended up in groups ( > 1 settlers per microsite). We performed 1000 simulations, then compared the proportion of new settlers in groups we observed in the field to the simulated distribution of f to calculate a one-tailed P value for the null hypothesis that settlement is random.

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