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Jennifer A. Schweitzer, Joseph K. Bailey, Dylan G. Fischer, Carri J. LeRoy, Eric V. Lonsdorf, Thomas G. Whitham, and Stephen C. Hart. 2008. Plant–soil microorganism interactions: heritable relationship between plant genotype and associated soil microorganisms. Ecology 89:773–781.

Appendix A. A table listing the identified phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) biomarkers found in the soil samples.

TABLE A1. A list of specific phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) biomarkers used in the bacteria:fungi ratios. The fatty acid notation follows standard nomenclature.

Taxonomic category PLFA Reference

General bacteria i15:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  a15:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  15:0 Frostegård and Bååth (1996)
  i16:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  16:1omega9 Wilkinson (1988)
  17:0 Frostegård and Bååth (1996)
  cy17:0 Wilkinson (1988)
  cy19:0 Wilkinson (1988)
Gram positive bacteria i15:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  a15:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  i16:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  10Me16:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  i17:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
  a17:0 O'Leary and Wilkinson (1988)
Gram negative bacteria cy17:0 Frostegård and Bååth (1996)
  16:1omega9 Frostegård and Bååth (1996)
  cy19:0 Frostegård and Bååth (1996)
Fungi 18:2omega6 Wilkinson (1988)



Frostegård, A., and E. Bååth 1996. The use of phospholipid analysis to estimate bacterial and fungal biomass in soil. Biology Fertility of Soil 22:59–65.

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